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Dating and Relationship Coaching

You’re ready for change. You’re ready for an internal revolution – and that’s why you’re here.  Through dating and relationship coaching I will help you build confidence and find the love you deserve.

Let’s dive right in.

I do not sugar coat anything, and I will not enable you.

I offer honesty, and a fiercely caring presence to ignite the fires within you, to guide you through the trials of life as they come. I encourage self-evaluation and growth. Metaphorically, I will hold a mirror before you.

For example, if you encounter persistent roadblocks in your life, and feel stuck in place, we will evaluate the reality of what truly holds you back. We will dig deep into the core of it – but that is only the beginning.

As an abuse survivor myself, I arm women with powerful strategies to supercharge their self perception, establish boundaries with confidence, and reshape how they engage with the world and the type of men they attract to their lives.

So, what else can you expect?

Be prepared for a fortified sense of self worth, a bulletproof self-care routine, and authentic connections with others around you.

If you’ve ever settled for less, misread the signs, missed red flags and denied yourself your true potential, we will dive into those counterproductive patterns together.

Positive change lies at your fingertips, and I will teach you how to allow yourself to have it.

And what do I need from you?

A commitment. The commitment to embrace discomfort, and relentlessly chase after your aspirations. This is a choice that only you can make.

It’s choice between “one day” or “day one”. If you’re prepared to choose self-love, learn healthy boundaries and prioritize your goals, let’s team up to make it a reality.

Expert guidance

Why I'd be a great relationship coach for you

I’ve been right where you are.

I get it – relationships can be a real puzzle. I’ve had my fair share of relationship blunders in the past. Divorce? Been there. Navigating the rough waters of single parenthood? Done that. Heartbreaks that felt like they’d never end? Yep, I’ve felt that pain, too. But you know what? Those experiences were my teachers. They led me to not only find the best version of myself but also uncover the roadmap to building genuine happiness and triumph in my own marriage and connections as I show up as my authentic, unapologetic self.

Here’s a bit about my coaching journey – it’s a wild ride.

First things first, I hold a master’s degree in psychology, and I’ve worked as a therapist. I also worked as a mental health and substance abuse counselor, spending well over a decade helping folks conquer some of the most difficult mental health and substance challenges out there. I’ve got an arsenal of tools, but most importantly, I’ve also got the battle scars.

You want to know what really sets me apart?  

It’s not just the degree and the years of experience. It’s the fact that I’ve tasted failure more times than I can count. Yeah, you heard me right. I’ve stumbled, I’ve fallen flat on my face, but I didn’t stay down. I rose, dusted myself off, and each time, I emerged stronger, wiser, and more determined. It’s those moments of defeat that transformed me into the coach I am today – compassionate, straight-talking, and darn good at what I do.

Transform your current relationship

Relationship Coaching

Have you ever wondered why some relationships succeed while others crumble? Well, it all comes down to trust, open communication, and respect. Every relationship faces challenges, but the ones that thrive work together and appreciate each other’s efforts.

Coaching can be a game-changer for committed relationships.

Think of it as a toolbox filled with techniques to boost your connection. It improves communication, helps you understand each other’s desires, and turns conflicts into opportunities for deeper intimacy. Together, you’ll set goals that boost your personal growth and make your partnership rock-solid.

With an experienced coach, you can learn the strategies to reignite the spark. It’s not just about surviving storms but thriving through them. 

What I require:

Both partners must be willing to commit to coaching. This means setting aside time for each other (hello, date nights!) and growing individually and as a couple, both in and out of our coaching sessions.

Ready to invest in your relationship? Let’s team up and make it thrive!

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